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Please review the whole of this page, and then complete our Application Form.  As part of the application process, you will be required to complete the Application Form at the bottom. If you need to send any extra material, please do so to [email protected] The more information you share the better we are at understanding your business

Welcome to E-Dome Fund


Customized Financial Planning & Investing



Our independent structure gives us the freedom to take a long-term view in a market dominated by short-termism. We look to take advantage of opportunities generated by market over-reaction to a company’s uncertain, often unattractive, shorter-term prospects.



Our focus is always on the underlying health of a company, rather than its short-term growth prospects. All our stocks have the hallmarks of quality which minimise the risks inherent in equity investing



We believe valuations are a primary driver of any investment decision, not just a secondary factor. For us, this means looking through a company’s shorter-term performance and prospects and instead assessing its Sustainable Earnings – the earnings that we believe a company can conservatively sustain over a 5-10 year period.

One Size Fits One

Create a Strategy That Works For YOUR Company

Please review the whole of this page, and then complete our Application Form.


The best way to apply for funding is to get in touch with a member of our Investment Committee as you will need one of them to ‘sponsor’ your company.   The best way to do this is to attend one of our pitch week or to send an email with some information about yourself and your company.


Once you have submitted your application, it will be reviewed it and submitted it to the Investment Committee for initial screening and selection. If most of the Investment Committee votes to invite the company to pitch, the sponsor will inform you of this decision and you and your team will be invited to attend the next Investors pitch week.


The Investment Committee may decide to invest in a company or to reject its application during this deliberation session.   Alternatively, the Investment Committee may decide to undertake further discussion with the company or to conduct further diligence before reaching a final decision.


If the Investment Committee has decided to conduct further diligence or to invest in your company, a team led by your sponsor will be tasked with taking those matters forward. The same will apply to closing documentation. All we ask is that you please ensure you respond to all requests in a comprehensive and timely manner.


Once E-Dome LTD has invested in your business, our members will be assigned the task of following your progress and providing you with any assistance you might need from E-Dome LTD and its members.


Whether at the Seed, or through to Series B, we love investing and supporting early stage technology ventures. As ex-entrepreneurs ourselves, we know it’s not always easy to get a start-up off the ground.

Launching Angle & Values

The launching angle is crucial to the successful launch of a rocket ship into outer space and is extremely rare. It is the optimal point at which the fundamental attributes for successful propulsion join. Just like in the case of a start-up, we believe that there is an optimal balance of various attributes and elements that drastically increases the likelihood of success and is crucial to making the right investment decision.

Our Mission

To Take Your Company To New Heights